After Install - Deposits not arriving in local wallet


I have setup rk/workbench. The site is up and running, I filled the USD wallet and put up some orders, things work without any noticeable errors so far.

My problem is with deposits. The interface won’t show ETH or BTC deposits.

I did:

  • Make sure I am using the correct address/test networks
  • Make sure the daemons are running(bitcoind, geth)
  • Queried the daemons in docker to check block height. My transactions are in synch, I can query the addresses to get their balance
  • Updated blockchain URL’s in web/admin to point to the daemons.

Nada… both Bitcoin and ETH transactions won’t show on deposits page.

How can I debug this?

Check if the height of the corresponding blockchain on the peatio_development.blockchains table (this table is on the workbench_db_1 container) is grater than the block where your transaction was mined. The blockchain synchronizer service (workbench_blockchain_1) takes a few hours to synchronize the first time you run the workbench.