Help installing on Ubuntu 18.04


Hello everyone,

I have tried installing the rubykube on Digital Ocean VPS. At first I wanted to install using the documentation on website, so I went with Debian 9.6. However, the wiki guide was outdated, so I was not able to install it on Debian. Then I have tried Ubuntu since I was experienced with it. I have done most of the things required for installing workbench and now it seems like it is running. However, if I try to visit my IP address, it keeps saying 404 not found (it connects to the server, but returns 404 page instead of trading UI)

Also there were some errors on makefile, I tried fixing myself but I’m sure there are still problems due to dependencies or user not having root privileges.

Now, how can I reach the UI? Or which guide should I follow? I’ve found one guide for ubuntu 14.04, but it’s also outdated.

EDIT : My error starts after I run the command “make run”, it runs for a while no problem, then starts giving me error and stops executing with this error;

– Makefile:64: recipe for target ‘setup-apps’ failed
make: *** [setup-apps] Error 1

Any help on initial setup would be perfect. Thanks a lot!


So, I have tried re-installing and following all the necessary steps and I’ve had the same error again, on fresh DO droplet.

It seems to me that the error appears while make is trying to deploy the database seed.

It creates “orders” table, no problem. Creates “markets” table, no problem. Then it tries to re-create or re-write or something like that on “orders” table I guess and prints ROLLBACK and aborts, then says “UnknownAttributeError: unknown attribute ‘quick_withdraw_limit’ for Currency.” and more error logs and aborts the process.


The configuration with the IP Adresess as well as the services is not easy. Do you have a URL pointing to the droplet IP adress?


No, I do not have a URL pointing to the droplet IP address, however, the issue is not related with that one. At least the one I reported.

If I adjust the database seed on config files, it passes that phase no problem and starts giving errors with “barong”. Then I debugged it as well and saw that barong files weren’t copied from github perfectly and there were missing files. After adding the required files to directories, I then run the command “make run” again.

This time I got an error with mysql and I think this could be related with IP/Domain issue. But IMO, there are bigger problems needs to be solved before me getting a domain.

More info on this could be found on workbench’s official github page. As you can also see circleci can not make the build as well.