How to develop customized UI


I would like to know where to start if we want to develop a customized UI.

  1. What files and what directories do we need to look at.
  2. How to make it work with Barong?

It’s separated into 3 different projects so you will have to change the stylesheets and HTML in each project.

For example if you want to change the sign-up process, you have to go in Barong and modify the CSS and html there.

The funds page are in Peatio, and also history.

The Trading interface is in the trading-ui. For this you should start looking for a javascript/Coffescript developer first, otherwise it’s very difficult to change

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is it possible to use bootstrap for developing ui. would it possible to add trading view charts aswell?

is there a guide to decaffeinate the ui so that i can use js?