How to get the chart working in workbench


I installed workbench v1.9, looks good to me.

I have the blockchain synced,deposits getting picked up, and do basic trading on usd/btc.

What I don’t see is the chart. I see references to highchart in the code but not graphic.

  • Does the chart work in workbench?
  • Any config needed?
  • Does it work on localhost?

Really appreciate for any help or suggestion. I can help documenting some of the issues and solution I encounter.




Great to hear that!

  • You can visit Trading UI page on http://wb.local/trading/eurusd to see charts.
  • All configs are static and ready in workbench, I suggest to not edit them if you are not sure it this.
  • Workbench has traefik as reverse proxy, it is not working on localhost.
    I suggest to follow workbench README and add needed hosts to /ect/hosts file.


Did you mean http://api.wb.local/trading/usdbtc with the ‘api’ subdomain?

I can access that without issue. But the chart is just blank. Not even the grid line or date selector at the bottom section. I figure if no transaction is happening, at least the element of the chart will show. I do get the top interval or chart type selection though.

My screenshot can probably explain better.

When you mean " it is not working on localhost", does this mean the chart won’t work on api.wb.local domain? I have a hosted version with actual domain, but same blank chart issue.

Last question, if your dev sees that this part of chart is blank what is the first thing to look for? Like, transaction data is not passed into the chart? Or simply the chart is broken?

Thank you. Appreciate your response.


Ah, @dancrypto you need to update your workbench to latest master.

Earlier there was an issue, we missed peaito k daemon, that is responsible for this charts.


I was on the build with ranger, and there was an issue with the DNS where was not set correctly.

It is now working. I also noticed that the chart won’t show grid line when there is no transaction data.

Would be great to see gridline with chart date selector even though no transaction data is present yet, better yet if it shows message ‘no transaction data present’