How to subscribe/listen for Ethereum deposit transactions?

I was able to make a deposit of Bitcoins to my Peatio exchange, and the balance shows up correctly, even when the node is running in prune mode (not a full node), also was able to create an order in the trading-ui. It seems the Bitcoin daemon correctly notifies Peatio via the walletnotify command specified in the Bitcoin configuration file.

Now I’d like to deposit some Ether running an Ethereum light node, mostly to try to see what are its limitations and whether there is a way to run the wallet without a full node.

The problem is that I can’t find the equivalent of the Bitcoin walletnotify option for Ethereum. It seems there isn’t anything relevant in the documentation, and only found a few comments in a couple of forks of the original Peatio repository that seem to suggest that the functionality has to be added with a custom script

Does anyone know how to enable walletnotify for Ethereum in Peatio?

hi @rraallvv!

The current Peatio version doesn’t use walletnotify command for the deposits collection at all. In Peatio 1.9 we introduced the blockchain daemon, which watches the transactions and triggers deposit creation.

Hey @msmetana thanks for the information. I guess I can take a look at the 1.9 blockchain daemon and see if I can reuse some of the code for 1.8