Installation takes a long time on macOS

Hello, is it really normal that installation takes a lot of time on the make run step?

I have been watching the progresses like “seeding accounts” take a loooong time on a macOS Mojave with Docker.

Plus, because of this insanely long time, I don’t know which of the servers in the /etc/hosts is the exchange? May I ask which among those URLs in the /etc/hosts file is the exchange?

  • api.wb.local --> definitely related to API
  • auth.wb.local --> something about to authentication??
  • api.slanger.local --> something about slanger API
  • ws.slanger.wb.local --> what’s this?
  • pma.wb.local --> Tried this and this is PHPmyadmin
  • monitor.wb.local --> monitoring tool
  • btc.wb.local --> BTC related server. What’s this?
  • eth.wb.local --> ETH related server. What’s this?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.