OpenWare RubyKube Version 1.9 - Release Highlights


OpenWare and Helios Technologies are happy to announce the release of RubyKube’s Peatio community version - 1.9!

Version 1.9 release has a significant amount of newly added features, functional fixes and enhancements. Peatio v1.9 has rewritten the Blockchain synchronisation daemon, eliminating a major design flaw from the original Peatio fork. Multi-tier wallet management system is another highlighted addition, enhancing digital funds protection by using wallets segregation with specific access policies and flexible multi-signature settings. Among the other nice features such as Admin Interface for advanced Blockchain/Wallet management, this release is also focused on:

  1. Multi Wallet support with the ability to register a blockchain/wallet in all of the supported cryptocurrencies.
  2. New Blockchain synchronization mechanism.
  3. Full ERC20 tokens support, including deposit, withdrawal, gas and fee management.
  4. Splitting of Blockchain read and write Services and Clients.
  5. Litecoin/Dash/BitcoinCash Blockchain Services
  6. Improved dynamic fees and management for bitcoind and BitGo

Additional details on this release, including breaking changes, new features, enhancement and fixes in Peatio 1.9 can be found here:

Corresponding webinar and details can be found here:


I didn’t know there is a community version. Where can I see all other versions of RubyKube?



I’m not sure what version you’ve seen. This one I assume?



My bad, I should have been more specific with what I was asking. I’m familiar with a few tools, for instance Visual Studio for Mac, MySQL, and things like that, and when they refer to a “Community Version” they speak about free stuff, that’s why I’m confused maybe, so RubyKube Community is the same version than the one in the repository, am I right? If so, there is only one version of RubyKube, since Workbench is the same version running on a Docker container.