Openware Webinar (August) - v1.9 Highlights


We’re pleased to share with you our latest recorded RubyKube Webinar led by OpenWare CTO, Louis Bellet.

This webinar is packed full of interesting insights, usability demonstration, examples highlighting Features & Improvements in v1.9, Roadmap and Functional Demo.

The video can be found here:

Topic highlights:

  1. Multi Wallet support with the ability to register a blockchain/wallet in all of the supported cryptocurrencies.
  2. New Blockchain synchronization mechanism.
  3. Full ERC20 tokens support, including deposit, withdrawal, gas and fee management.
  4. Splitting of Blockchain read and write Services and Clients.
  5. Litecoin/Dash/BitcoinCash Blockchain Services
  6. Improved dynamic fees and management for bitcoind and BitGo

Current state of RubyKube