Peatio Workbench - Barong Redirection Issue


I installed rubykube/workbench branch 1-8-stable. All works well with the wb.local domain
When I change the domain e.g. following the script and steps here

all seems to work fine too, login works and the the BARONG REDIRECT does not:

“An error has occurred
The redirect uri included is not valid.”

The browser is at

Please point me into a direction why this is happening and which config I need to tweak such that it works.

Just for info, I am not doing this on the Google Cloud, but on vagrant/virtualhost with initialization rubykube/workbench


Please specify your server and how you are installing as well as the logs and errors.



Hi, thanks, I figured this one out, it is about the preset in pma.wb.local, the seed link is somehow wrong when using a domain different than wb.local


Did you figure out what needs to be done to fix this Champmine?


please suggest , I am also face same issue Barong Redirection Issue , please suggest