Should I upgrade to 1.9 RC?

A couple of times here in the forums I’ve beed given answers to some of my questions that are for Peatio version 1.9. I’m relatively new to Peatio and don’t know the development cycle or how often should one expect a new release, so I guess that’s why I installed Peatio 1.8 Stable. However, it seems to me that it would be much more easy to upgrade from version 1.9 RC to version 1.9 Stable (or final release) than from 1.8. What do you think guys, should I upgrade (clean install rather) Peatio from the branch 1-9-rc in the repository?

I am running on 1.9 RC. There is branch of new features that is very different than 1.8.

I suggest you use 1.9 if you are planning for immediate production release

Thanks for your suggestion. I think I’ll try 1.9 RC then.