Some Questions About Architecture

Hi I have found rubykube just this morning and before anything else I must say I’m not familiar with ruby programming.

Going through documentation I must say it seems an excellent effort has been made. Congratulations.

Now a couple of questions came to my mind for which I couldn’t find any answer in the documents.

One: Why didn’t the team try open source solutions for OAuth? like Keycloak, OpenAM, Gluu, etc.? Why try to build something custom for Authentication/Authorization?

Two: I have noticed that RabbitMQ is used as a message broker which is quite a fine choice (generally the choices have been inclined towards more modern tools which is good). Now in that context the question arises: have you used event sourcing & in memory event stream processing for high performance computing and eventual consistency or not? If you have, where is the event store? If not? How does the project handle performance and consistency among microservices?


Hi Fasihi.
Just ran across your (very good) questions. Did you get any clarity on these?