WB withdraw does not work



I installed new workbenches on new Debian PCs,basically on this:

So, BTC deposit works well totally.

but, BTC withdraw does not work at all. why?

I tried on 3 PCs. Everytime I reproduce the situation.

I mean, I sent test BTC money from a testnet fauset site to

admin@barong.io’s user wallet and confirmed the money was sent

to the admin’s hot wallet finally. that is fine and nice.

(now I’m understanding the hot-warm-cold charging system).

So I think workbench’peatio and it’s relation to wb’s builtin bitcoind container

has no problem basically.

But, withdraw function cannot work at all.

  1. Input a BTC testnet wallet address to admin@brong.io’s Funds-BTC Withdraw field,

and also input test amount 0.001 and press submit.

  1. Immedeatly after that, when reload browser page,

I can see in Withdraw History, in the bottom of the page.

Transaction -> pending

State/Action -> Processing

Also I can see the same in Admin Panel Withdraw BTC page.

(can see also in PHPAdmin table).

  1. That status never change at all forever.

  2. Of course I cannot see anything about that in testnet blockchain.

My investigations are:

  1. I confirmed that in app/models/withdraw.rb send_coin function IS called, by

writing addtional logging myself.

def send_coins!

AMQPQueue.enqueue(:withdraw_coin, id: id) if coin?


  1. Also it seems that the event appears in workbench_withdraw_audit container log.

Produced new event at 2018-12-30 07:59:18:

name = model.withdraw.updated

payload = {"payload":"eyJpc3MiOiJw

-- snip --


Publishing withdraw.updated (routing key) to peatio.events.model (exchange name).

  1. But workbench_withdraw_coin worker container has no log records, why?

I think that is strange. because the last AMQPQueue.enqueue(withdraw_coin) will post a message

to withdraw_coin worker, but it seems withdraw_coin worker does not work at all.

(to the contrary workbench_deposit_collection worker works very well responding to AMQPQueue).

  1. It looks wb’s buildin RabbitMQ has no problem, but I don’t know about that actually …

anyway, everything is basically under the default wb’s settings in github. I did not change basically.

  1. Also I can’t understand exactly lib/daemons/amqp_daemon.rb’s way and related launching daemon scripts.

… complicated, now it is taking too much time for me to see.

Anyway I repeatedly reproduce the situation on 3 different PCs.

I want to develop this project, but I can’t go ahead now.


Please let me know if you have any good ideas about that,

and what I can do next.

Thanks for your help.


I can provide you ssh/http access to the test server if you need. You can check it yourself. Contact me on telegram @yuknak.