WB withdraw does not work


I installed new workbenches on new Debian PCs,basically on this:

So, BTC deposit works well totally.

but, BTC withdraw does not work at all. why?

I tried on 3 PCs. Everytime I reproduce the situation.

I mean, I sent test BTC money from a testnet fauset site to

admin@barong.io’s user wallet and confirmed the money was sent

to the admin’s hot wallet finally. that is fine and nice.

(now I’m understanding the hot-warm-cold charging system).

So I think workbench’peatio and it’s relation to wb’s builtin bitcoind container

has no problem basically.

But, withdraw function cannot work at all.

  1. Input a BTC testnet wallet address to admin@brong.io’s Funds-BTC Withdraw field,

and also input test amount 0.001 and press submit.

  1. Immedeatly after that, when reload browser page,

I can see in Withdraw History, in the bottom of the page.

Transaction -> pending

State/Action -> Processing

Also I can see the same in Admin Panel Withdraw BTC page.

(can see also in PHPAdmin table).

  1. That status never change at all forever.

  2. Of course I cannot see anything about that in testnet blockchain.

My investigations are:

  1. I confirmed that in app/models/withdraw.rb send_coin function IS called, by

writing addtional logging myself.

def send_coins!

AMQPQueue.enqueue(:withdraw_coin, id: id) if coin?


  1. Also it seems that the event appears in workbench_withdraw_audit container log.

Produced new event at 2018-12-30 07:59:18:

name = model.withdraw.updated

payload = {"payload":"eyJpc3MiOiJw

-- snip --


Publishing withdraw.updated (routing key) to peatio.events.model (exchange name).

  1. But workbench_withdraw_coin worker container has no log records, why?

I think that is strange. because the last AMQPQueue.enqueue(withdraw_coin) will post a message

to withdraw_coin worker, but it seems withdraw_coin worker does not work at all.

(to the contrary workbench_deposit_collection worker works very well responding to AMQPQueue).

  1. It looks wb’s buildin RabbitMQ has no problem, but I don’t know about that actually …

anyway, everything is basically under the default wb’s settings in github. I did not change basically.

  1. Also I can’t understand exactly lib/daemons/amqp_daemon.rb’s way and related launching daemon scripts.

… complicated, now it is taking too much time for me to see.

Anyway I repeatedly reproduce the situation on 3 different PCs.

I want to develop this project, but I can’t go ahead now.


Please let me know if you have any good ideas about that,

and what I can do next.

Thanks for your help.

I can provide you ssh/http access to the test server if you need. You can check it yourself. Contact me on telegram @yuknak.

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@yuknak Did you fixed this problem. I am facing issue while withdrawing coin from the Peatio wallet to external wallat.

Hi, @dev_nan

I am still working on this (Peatio 1-9-stable).
I made my custom workbench without docker(-composer).
So now I see all the daemon logs in ~/rubykube/peatio/log/daemons,
running by god.

Still I am facing this issue in amqp_withdraw_coin.log:

“The withdraw skipped because wallet balance is not sufficient (wallet balance is 0.0).”

and, pending/Processing status appearing on the screen forever.

(Docker stuff is not always helpful for newbie to understand the coin system.
I need documents of the system and a virtual box image working completely.)

To use withdraw, we have to change “BTC Bitcoin Hot Wallet” address, and make secret empty, from admin screen

What address? where can we get?

On the host running bitcond, exec,

bitcoin-cli -testnet getnewaddress

Please help me with node and wallet configuration, so I’ll document this and availability to the peatio community.