"We're sorry, but something went wrong." when visiting exchange/admin/deposits/coin

Why am I getting the the error in the title when I click on one of the enabled coins on either Deposits or Withdrawals from the sidebar at the admin panel?



This solves the issue. I replaced env['REQUEST_PATH'] with env['REQUEST_URI'] in app/routers/crud_router.rb

How is it going man?
I see you are getting closer to completing your deployment :slight_smile:

Hey @Ansa, thanks for asking. I switched to Puma server because of the error with env['REQUEST_PATH'] is due to Passenger not passing that value. The problem I have currently is the deposit address not being generated for any coin although the daemons (god status) and the JSONRPC servers (BTC and ETH) are working ok. I thought maybe it was related to the database not being seeded correctly in the installation process but now I’m not so sure. The issue keeps popping up. So what I’m trying to do now is to get more logging information with a developer environment to track the cause of the problem.