What exchanges are using RubyKube?


I’d like to try out RubyKube, but haven’t ben able to setup a local server yet, are there any exchanges in production using RubyKube, so I can check them out and have a look at the UI and how it works?


The demo exchange is still in the oven, stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Thanks. I just subscribed my email on the website, hoping to hear news about that soon :smiley:


cannot wait for the demo. this project is the best!


We are on it :slight_smile:
It’s not going to be a pure sandbox, but an actual working exchange, so got to take care of the business side as well.


That’ll be pretty cool actually. I haven’t been able to try Peatio live in a production environment, not sure why there aren’t that many. Also, I guess it’ll help a lot for other alt-coins to be integrated more quickly.


Any progress on this?