What should I add as an authentication option and why?

I was able to add Google Authentication to the website. However, since many users would prefer to use some other form of authentication (maybe something not related to their Google public profile), I was thinking to ask what’s the recommended authentication service, and why should I use it?

Keep up the good work.

Hello rraallvv!

Rubykube team provides open source project - Barong :wink:
link to —> https://github.com/rubykube/barong

It can act as authentication and KyC server and provides additional security. You have all posibilities to connect it to your peatio-based exchange and freely used.

Mainly it supports - sign/sign up/phone verification/adding profile/documents uploading and so on.
On barong you have admin panel with friendly UI and administration tools.
Barong has his own UI for the authentication process, but also it provides a good and wide API coverage, so you can fully use it through API.

You can try it out connecting to your local peatio, or try to use workbench for the best testing experience. Its pretty easy to start, just follow the readme
link —> https://github.com/rubykube/workbench

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Hi Mafarain! I’ll take a closer look. Thanks for the information.

can I use those API in peatio for register and login pages.I have added register and login page in peatio and want to call API from Barong to register .How do I do that?